Sun Salutations

-  by Yoga Acharya Tej

The Sun Salutations are a series of 12 positions which were designed to pay homage to the Sun, the source of light and energy. There is no life possible on earth if it was not for the energy of the Sun. The 12 positions of the Sun Salutation are related to the 12 signs of the Zodiac. As the Sun orbits through the sky, it passes through each of the Zodiac signs, spending approximately 30 days in each of the signs. Once it enters a particular sign, it has positive influence over that zodiac, and in turn over the mental and emotional health of every person in the world. In our modern day Asana practice, we find tremendous physical,mental and spiritual benefits by the practice of the 12 positions of the Sun Salutation. These 12 positions of the Sun Salutations balance the 7 major chakras in the astral body. The Sun represents the Third Eye center in the human physiology and by chanting the 12 mantras in the 12 positions of the Sun Salutation sequence the 7 chakras are activated and energized.

Some of the benefits of the Sun Salutation sequence are : 1. Balancing the Hormonal System, particularly the Pineal and Pituitary Glands 2. Strenghtening the Digestive, Nervous, Reproductive, Excretory and Circulatory Systems 3. Relief from Anxiety and Neurological disorders 4. Strengthening the arms and legs 5. Stregthening the cardio-vascular system 6. Increase energy levels The breath and the Mantra are synchronized for each of the 12 positions of the Sun Salutation.

Significance of Positions

1   the friend of all

2   the radiant one

3   the illuminated one

4    the wise one

5    the one who traverses the sky

6    the one who nourishes all

7    the one who contains all wealth

8     the origin of all rays

9     the son of Aditi

10   the beneficial one

11    the strong one

12    the cause of illumination