Online Master Certification

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This practice is designed to awaken the dormant centers of energy ( 7 major chakras) by using the powerful Kundalini yoga practices. These practices were taught in India for thousands of years as revealed in the 64 ancient yogic texts  and are handed down orally in the Teacher-Student tradition

Course Outline + Mentorship

Master Teacher Certification Level 1

200 Hours Yoga Alliance certification + 800 Hours of  Tantra Yoga techniques to provide at total of 1000 Hours Master Teacher ( level 1)

Master Teacher Certification Level 2

1000 hours  study of  Lalita Sahasranama.

Master Teacher Certification Level 3

Kundalini Yoga Initiation. The students will be enrolled in a one- one mentorship with Yoga Acharya Tej to maintain an ongoing journal of training and assignments.

Schedule of Training

Teacher :  Yoga Acharya Tej

Level : Students who are enrolled in the 200 and 500 Hour Yoga Training

Schedule :  Written and oral assignments

Location : Online

Duration :  3 Years ( Master Level 1- 1 Year , Master Level 2- 1 Year, Master Level 3- 1 Year )

Cost :  $ 1250 for each level $125/month

Registration : $250.00 ( not included in course cost )

The Practice

To Awaken the  Kundalini , the practitioner learns techniques to go beyond the limitations of the mind and experience an expansion of  consciousness.

It is thus the saving wisdom, which brings the practitioner to the realm of fearlessness, freedom and perfection. The purpose of  Kundalini techniques are to purify the mind and body, bringing the practitioner face to face with the pure light within.

Kundalini is the latent potential energy of the Feminine Principle of Creation – the primordial  Life- which manifests as life consciousness of every cell of all physical life .

Kundalini  is not flowing freely and is blocked due to many reasons. cultural and religious conditioning , conscious and unconscious memories , trauma from past relationships, obsessive compulsive disorder, ADHD, PTST and other

It is this blockage that leads to psychological, mental and emotional distress and causes disease in the physical and mental bodies.

Even though we may imagine that we are ‘spiritual’, if our kundalini  is not awakened, we are not One with the Universal Consciousness.

When some of our energy blockages start to release, the flow of kundalini becomes normal bringing a state of emotional, mental and physical well being and a realization of our true peaceful nature.


  • Experience of deep relaxation
  • Practicing mindfullness in daily life
  • Enjoying Inner Peace
  • Learning techniques to alleviate stress
  • Improving Memory and Concentration
  • Releasing toxins from the mental & emotional bodies
  • Experience complete inner freedom & transformation
  • Experience emotional healing through release
  • Open and balance the Chakras ( neuro spinal energy centres)

Kundalini Yoga

This practice is designed to cleanse and purify the sub-conscious mind using the techniques of Kundalini. There are 3 psychic knots or granthis that need to be released in order for the kundalini shakti to rise through the spinal column.

The first knot is called the Brahma Granthi, which is located at the Muladhara chakra ( root chakra) at the base of the spine. Unless this knot is opened, the practitioner cannot realize the truth, the realization of the true Self in the body. Since human consciousness is in the Brahma Granthi, it remains completely absorbed in material and sensual desires.

The second knot is called Vishnu Granthi, which starts from the navel center and is located in the Manipura chakra. The five senses are alwasy busy with the external world and this knot must be released for the energy to travel into the higher regions of the brain.

The third knot is called the Rudra Granthi, and this is between the region of the pituitary and pineal glands. The practitioner withraws the senses from the external world, and will get constant realization with the indwelling Self. When this knot has been released, the subconscious attention is always pointed to the top of the head, the region of higher consciousness or superconsciousness.