Yoga Teacher Training


Namah Shivaya Teacher Training draws it’s roots from
the authentic yoga practices in India
for thousands of years .

The Namah Shivaya Yoga Program conducts Yoga certifications in the United States, Mexico and Yoga Retreats to India and is a Yoga Alliance Registered Training.

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The 200 Hour  Intensive is a 4 week program   Click for details>>

The 200 Hour  Weekend is an 9 month program ( 9 weekends)  Click for details>>

The 500 Hour Weekend is  a  13 month program ( 13 weekends ) Click for details>>

The 3000 Hour Master Certification  is a lifelong program ( one weekend a month) Click for details>

The Kundalini Yoga program is a 3 year ongoing program ( for graduates of 200 and 500 program)

The Curriculum covers Yoga for all ages and all levels of practice, Beginner, Intermediate and Advanced.

The Yoga program draws from the core principles of ancient yogic wisdom which have been practiced for thousands of years, aimed at
transforming the student’s physical, mental and spiritual practice. This transformation brings complete inner change, a sense of joy and
well being and a capacity to achieve our highest goals and touch other people’s lives.

Practicing Yoga  of course means the physical aspect of this art, which we call postures or asanas. When we embrace Yoga in its complete
dimension we begin to study and practice the Yoga Lifestyle.

How do we apply the Yoga lifestyle to the fast changing environment of information technology and the business world?  Applying the
principles of the Yoga lifestyle  we learn how to stay healthy, happy and content in the challenges of daily life. Reaching out for our dreams
and yet being firmly established in balance and harmony.

The student shares their practice of being and self awareness, and their very presence, instead of their thoughts and actions, becomes their identity.
Mastery of the physical postures ultimately leads to mastery of the mental postures. Both on and off the Yoga mat.