Student Testimonials

Our Graduate students share their impressions about their Yoga Training~


“When you walk into the Namah Shivaya Yoga Studio, you realize that you are exactly where you are meant to be. Tej provides a safe space filled with friendship, growth, enlightenment, peace, and love. Admittedly, any grand new endeavor (like a training program) where you invest your time, your money, and all of yourself, can be a little scary… But this program erases fear.  You will learn things about yourself and the world around you that you either didn’t know were there, or you’ve forgotten. I’m so grateful for, and to, Namah Shivaya.” - Lydia Mackay

“With a subject as extensive as yoga, a student needs a teacher who can spark a fire for knowledge and give them a solid foundation for a lifetime (or lifetimes!) of continuing education. Tej is a walking encyclopedia  of knowledge and Sheri’s passion for Yoga is infectious . They practice a yogic lifestyle 24 hours a day, and best of all they’re fantastic people with the student’s best interests at heart. I’ll never forget my experience with them and hope to continue my relationship with Tej and Sheri for a long time. I highly recommend their program for those who just want to learn more about this amazing subject.”- Kevin Lewis, Owner Go Yoga Dallas, TX

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The Namah Shivaya experience was a mind-opening  journey.  The wisdom and energy of Tej and his stellar teaching staff was Incomparable.  Experiences included yoga classes on the shores of White Rock Lake, meditation practices and philosophy classes that were truly awe inspiring.
I joined hoping to strengthen my asana practice and left empowered with a much greater understanding of the many facets of yoga, and the spiritual impact that living like a true yogi can have on one’s life.  The yoga training at Namah Shivaya was priceless…how can one put a price tag on the invaluable concept of a healthy mind, body, and spirit? – Paige Mayeux

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The fast track 200 hour teacher training program at Namah Shivaya has been an amazing journey for me. The atmosphere, with Tej, Melissa, Lisa, and others’ level of key knowledge and compassion is indescribable and contagious. This is truly a life-changing experience. You learn so much about not only your yoga practice, but yourself. In four short weeks, I’ve changed for the better and truly understood so many things that I never contemplated before. I plan to continue my yoga training with Namah Shivaya going forward – Christine Chisum

“The unique thing about this program is the blend of spiritual information as well as detailed physical breakdown of yoga poses. I came away feeling I understand not only the traditional teachings of the Yoga philosophy, but the true essence of Yoga as the unity between mind, body and spirit. Tej doesn’t just make professional and knowledgeable yogis, he changes lives. I know he changed mine. I understand my true purpose, and the shift in perception to live my life from a deeper place inspires me to see the connection between us all. I am awake and aware, and That is Yoga. This program is an opening of the heart and mind. I highly recommend it for everyone, even for those who do not want to spread the teachings. It will ground you in what yoga is and deepen your practice and bring you many new friends. I have joined a new community of like minded people.”  – Lisa O’Rourke

“  Tej lives and breathes every nuance of the lifestyle, he is vastly knowledgeable about its rich history, philosophies and traditions, and is absolutely passionate about sharing every detail. Without question, you will be expertly prepared to lead your own Asana practice, market yourself, open your own studio, and all of the other commercialization of the business of yoga, but few others can prepare you to teach yoga through your every thought, word, and action. If you’re looking to indulge in an authentic yoga training, Namah Shivaya is as close as you can get to the Himalayas without a passport.”  —Bryan Zatopek


Everyone in my Namah Shivaya Yoga training class was ready to teach yoga at the end of the course. Tej and the staff are a great resource as we learned how to teach a variety of classes from gentle yoga to vinyasa flow. I am pleased to have improved my technique in postures, and the ability to have a complete yoga practice at home. I learned how to help people (and myself) stay fit, concentrate better, relax through meditation, and develop better habits. I highly recommend the certified teachers training to better yourself, and to be able to teach a variety of yoga classes  – Dan Havrilak


The Certification program was very complete and the Teachers were incredible. The dynamics of the TT team, the energy and I got to learn a lot at the beginning of my yoga journey. This phase of my practice will be a great part of my life and my entire being. The other students were incredible and their enthusiasm to learn and share was very motivating. Thank you so much, it has been a very enriching and incredible experience of my life – Javier Moises


I chose Namaha Shivaya for my 200 Intensive Fast Track Yoga course. Over FOUR hours of looking at Yoga Certifications throughout the United States and some in other countries I came back to Namah Shivaya . I spoke with Tej the next day and he confirmed everything that I thought the program would be about. His kindness and compassion came through and I signed  up for the course that day. I started one week later and I can tell you that I am not the same  person today that I was then. Namah Shivaya takes all of the  knowledge, applied, practical, historical and theoretical of over 5,000 years of Yoga and condenses it into manageable bite size pieces  that keeps you wanting to come back for more. This is a journey for me  that goes beyond teaching Yoga…it is a journey of my spirit and I  will always be a student of Namah Shivaya. It honestly is the most  beautiful experience that I have ever been gifted and I am forever  grateful to Tej. Namaste ~ Kimberly Hopkins


The decision to continue on from my 200 HR training straight into the 500 HR training was very wise.  At the end of the 200 HR I felt I had just begun my journey.  I learned so much but had not had time to really assimilate and apply it with confidence.  The 500 HR training gave me the time and the vehicle to explore the philosophy as well as the practice of yoga.  It provided an opportunity to spend more concentrated time with other experienced yogis and to learn from their various experiences and knowledge.  I highly recommend anyone who truly wants to teach to consider this as well – Linda Cuyler


When I came to the training, the first phrase I heard was ” this training will change your life” and I thought how can that be possible in such a short time ? I just wanted to be a Yoga Teacher, it was as simple as that~ The months went by and my life truly started to change, my habits, my priorities and my perspective on life. I found that something had been missing inside of me for a very long time, and I didn’t realize that I will actually find it here- but I did! I now take with me the peace, knowledge and the spiritual path that I need and I know that this is just the beginning, the path to a balance in my life. Thank you- Montserrat Torrese

Being immersed in the teachings of Namah Shivaya during the past month has been nothing short of blissful. Tej has a beautiful way of educating students in the ancient science of asanas, meditation techniques, healthy lifestyle choices and simply the art of bettering oneself. He has planted seeds which continue to grow in both my personal practice and my relationship with the world. I knew little about yoga, especially the spiritual side, when I enrolled in the intensive course. But I leave feeling confident in my abilities and an inner peace within my Soul. I have a firm understanding of the person I am meant to be. ~ Brittany Stroud

When I began the program, my expectations were very high as this was a Teacher Training program. I continued to improvise and learned intuitively as I went along. Tej has shown me a teacher that has done everything well and this is reflected in his face, his walk and in the way he observes everything and above all with his honest smile. All of his teachings are very honest and clear. Each word illustrates that he speaks from experience; and there is no learning which is more permanent than that which comes from the heart than from reason. Tej teaches you by example, patience and tolerance, reflected by the smile of a father, where he will never say you are not good enough, rather he always leaves you with the desire to know and learn more. Thank you for all the knowledge that you have given me – Elba Guzman

The 200  Training Program at Namah Shivaya is a most amazing and transformative program.  I never could have anticipated all the benefits prior to taking the course.   I came to the course with a desire to learn authentic yoga.  I wasn’t sure I wanted to teach, but I knew I wanted to learn. The course took me from being a basically happy, blessed and lucky life-loving, but a little restless, to being even happier, more blessed and especially, a calmer person.  Everyone in my family has noticed a huge difference. I wanted to learn yoga in a way that is not taught in the gyms or studios.  I got that and so much more.  The philosophy of yoga is such an excellent roadmap for life.I found Namah Shivaya through Google and I knew that was the place for me.  I feel so lucky to have found the absolute best place to take yoga training and I would encourage anyone, without hesitation, to learn here.  Whether you want to teach or learn, Namah Shivaya is the best~ CPA Vicky Collins

I chose Namah Shivaya teacher training school because of the strong spiritual aspect of the program and Tej’s energy, deep wisdom, and flexibility in allowing each student to follow his or her own spiritual path while proviiding sage guidance along the way.  I fully opened myself to the teachings presented and the journey has been life changing.  I have found peace and a connection with the universe that has eluded me for years.  I highly recommend this course for anyone that wants to teach yoga or simply deepen their practice and connection with source   -  Lynn Woodard

“I feel incredibly blessed to have earned my yoga training through Namah Shivaya.  The intuitive nature and deep understanding of all things yoga, made it a joy to learn and grow through their program. Too often in life we detour from our paths and our direction becomes uncertain.  Under Tej and Sheri’s guidance and complete immersion into the 200 hour intensive, I feel that I am finally back on my “true” path. – Michelle Shanti


Studying through Namah Shivaya provided me with a foundation in yoga philosophies and asanas I don’t think I would have gotten anywhere else. The program is well balanced, and seems to draw inspiring people from all walks of life to honestly seek unity and truth together. Tej, Donna, Melissa, and the other teachers provided an incredible wealth of information and experience. I can now comfortably sequence and lead a practice, but without the philosophical foundation provided by Namah Shivaya, I wouldn’t have a clue what is really going on or understand the deeply rooted history of these practices. My favorite memories from the program are the honest discussions I engaged in with the instructors and my classmates from all different backgrounds and perspectives. I still constantly refer back to the materials used in the training program for my personal practice and inquiry. The foundation I laid during my time with Namah Shivaya has absolutely, irrevocably changed my life, I can’t wait to see what will blossom from it next – Monica Gerber

“I initially wanted to take this course to deepen my practice. The knowledge I have gained in the past 30 days has helped me to heal many wounds, it has in fact transformed me. Because of this transformation, I see my future in a different way. I am excited about the endless possibilities and what the Universe has designed for me.  You have shown me how to have a spiritual practice. Thank you for this eternal gift!” – Rose Reveley



This Certification program arrived at an excellent moment in my life, because it matters when you choose a path of liberation and fulfillment. I feel very happy that I know yoga deeply and this program helped me take a big step in my life, I feel blessed and lucky with all these opportunities that the practice has opened up for me. Thank you for everything and I hope that our paths meet again very soon – Alex Atte


mx15I started the 200 Hour training and simply realized that this was the path of yoga for me. After these 9 months of receiving the training, I am sure that in my life yoga will be a challenge to give more to my practice and to continue learning. I am very thankful to all my Teachers, my classmates and Namah Shivaya and Mukta Yoga in Mexico

This program was conducted ethically and professionally. My life has changed deeply, I know the benefits of being a vegetarian and my daily conduct has been deeply influenced in trying to practice the yamas and niyamas (codes of conduct). My personal mantra has helped my in many ways, filling me with energy and in my practice with my patients as an osteopath. Namaste ! – Jaime Silva

I learned that I am in the first step on my ladder to samadhi! I these past 8 months, I realized that I need to practice every aspect and not just on the mat. I will take all of the information that I learned and apply it to all aspects of my life. Thank you for everything from my being- Bonnie Benavente


It is hard to put into words what my inner world has experienced through this 200 Hour Teacher Training program. I just feel very grateful, joyful and hopeful that this is just the beginning of a complete new life. Thank you Tej! I am very moved and I have found a new family and this great and magnificent world of love and realization. I know that this is just the tip of the iceberg……it is just the beginning- Thank you. Love- Dhyan Pavitra

The Namah Shivaya Yoga Training program is the finger pointing  at the moon. Their focus is on truth found with Yogic texts and with Inner intuition and vision.  I personally felt and continue to feel the revolutionary evolution that comes with the training.  I have noticed huge changes in my life and how I relate to the lives I encounter.  The teachers of this school are inspiring and humble, easily accessible and have provided wisdom every step of the way when I needed it. If you are ready to embark on a  truly remarkable metamorphosis and embrace the moment that is forever your life, join Namah Shivaya for one of their programs. A heartfelt  Namaste to you”- Joshua Andrew Norton ‘Shambu’

I am enormously grateful that the universe allowed for me to meet Tej and become a student of Namah Shivaya! Since the beginning of my training life has brought me more joy and spiritual fulfillment than I ever could have imagined. It has been a journey toward realizing individual purpose and unification with the cosmic consciousness. The course is vastly transformative and has helped me become aligned with the natural order of the universe and embracing the path of least resistance. This course teaches self-discipline as a physical, mental, and spiritual practice. I am excited to continue the work of spreading yoga to those who are willing to learn and would recommend this training to anyone who loves yoga!- Candace Davis
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The Teacher Training changed my life! Today my practice is deeper and my spiritual understanding has been awakened. I met people with whom I could connect, people who shine and who are much more in balance than the non practitioners of yoga. I am grateful to my teachers and they have left a deep impression on me. Thank you ! – Paulina Jimenez
The past month in the 200  program was truly transformational.  Namah Shivaya is a family and you instantly feel that energy.  Not only was I looking to further my asana practice, but I was most looking forward to learning the philosophy and expanding my spiritual journey, and I was not disappointed.  At Namah Shivaya you are surrounded by acceptance and a wealth of knowledge.  I felt fully prepared to teach a class after the program was complete, but through the wisdom and insight I gained in this course, I felt excited and ready for whatever life may bring.  My daily life will never be the same and I am so grateful – Sarah Crowder
This process of self study has been amazing through the practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. I feel really great on the inside. It is a beautiful process that every person should have in their lives. Thank you so much Tej, you have opened a door of light for me and that is going to be growing for ever. Blessings for you – Lorena Fajee
mx3I loved this Teacher Training. I have been practicing yoga for 10 years and I wanted to increase my knowledge and understanding of the practice. Each one of my teachers gave me the knowledge and I am very satisfied. The teachings of Tej gave me satisfaction and happiness and I thank him for his dedication and clarity of explanation through the program Thank you so much – Liliana Ortega

I attended the Namah Shivaya 4 week Intensive 200 Hour training program and I wanted a program that would give me the opportunity to practice in front of fellow yogis while providing an environment to learn all the aspects of yoga. This training program is a perfect combination of the physical aspects of asana practice and the spiritual practice of yoga. It is necessary to understand both. One of the best teaching aids is the training manual. It gives a complete breakdown of all the beginner and intermediate postures. During the class every student has the opportunity to break down each posture, and the variations of the posture. This allows us to have a full understanding of the practice. I highly recommend the yoga training program. ~ Cory Montoya


I received a huge amount of information and very valuable to making me a Teacher in this Certification. Tej proved to be a great person, full of knowledge and wisdom. His lesson’s were incredible and interesting and this program exceeded all my expectations. I hope to visit all of you very soon – A big hug – Namaste – Karina Morales

The 200 hour Teacher training at Namah Shivaya was meant as a turning point in my life, a career change. What I found exceeded my expectations by far. Feeling confident about teaching a yoga class and deepening my own practice was just a small part of all the aspects of yoga and what I learned for my life. The spiritual teachings of Tej are truly enlightening and mind opening. He changed how I see myself in this world and inspired me to live a more meaningful life.  The right way came to me and now I understand the connection between all of us. I hope I will grow into the yogic lifestyle and gain more knowledge with time and practice. I’m still looking for a way to join the 500 hour program next, since I don’t want to miss the spiritual guidance just yet. I’m grateful for the people I met at Namah Shivaya and wish they could be a part of my ongoing yoga journey.
Everybody practicing yoga should experience the spirit at Namah Shivaya, even if they are not planning on becoming a yoga teacher themselves. Enjoy the journey. Namaste – Susanne Schu
mx6Yoga has quite a number of definitions, all them are welcome but to me Yoga has been one simple definition “my way”- When I decided to take this course, I thought I was compromised with my practice. Now I must say that I was wrong. Today I realize that everyday is a way to live the way of yoga, and the best relationship you have is with yourself. My best partner in life is yoga, because I live yoga with all my heart. Thank you for this program – Valerie Cuenca
Namah Shivaya, thank you so much for a wonderful experience. All the Teachers have a great amount of knowledge and they teach with their hearts. My practice has expanded and now I feel deeply committed to yoga. I am grateful . Thank you and Namaste – Greta Spota

This program will change the way you see yourself and the world around you, even if you do not think it will. This program is not just about the postures, it is about everything that yoga encompasses. Even if you come to the program just to get certified to teach yoga, you will come out of the program, with a better understanding of who you are, physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually. This is a wonderful program and Tej is the most AMAZING teacher- Jaime Theiss

I loved it! It is an experience in my life where I learnt how to be a good human being. The knowledge that you get here is not only about become a yoga teacher, it is an experience that changes your life. I feel free and very healed. Thank you! – Pamela Mendivil

I had been looking for a yoga school for sometime and when I entered Dallas schools I contacted Tej at Namah Shivaya. Since I lived so far away ( 3 hours), I wanted to come to Dallas and speak with him. I met with him at site and he answered all the questions and lesson plan. I started the RYT200 program and was immediately welcomed. My confidence grew along with my training and I teach today at a Gym. Personally I can not say enough about my RYT200 and my teacher Tej. I am so grateful I had this experience – Tara Grisham


I am deeply thankful to God, my Teachers and my alumni, for they have been my guides on this path of yoga. I wish to practice and teach for the rest of my life, because it helps me grow as a person and gives me peace. Much blessings and my infinite thanks to Tej for his contribution to my path of yoga- Eliane Rodriguez

Never again will I be the same. I have opened my eyes with the guidance of a most wise and gifted teacher. A foundation within myself has been set and I feel that the most important principles has been taught to me to establish a strong personal practice. I know I will flourish as an instructor because of Tej and Namah Shivaya – Jessica Goettlicher


This training is one of the best and most incredible experiences that I have had in my life. I feel it was something very positive in my life. A little step on the path of yoga as I first started to deepen my practice and loved it because it was like a whole full experience and the honor of sharing with the Teachers. Little by little it feels like you want to share all this knowledge just like the Teachers shared it with me. It has been incredible – Ericka Santamaria

The class offers a basic understanding of Yoga, but it is not what you think it is. It is so much more. While I may not agree with everything that I learned, I can appreciate the concepts and ideas. It strengthened my own journey by giving me tools I had not yet been introduced to, and adding the to the tools and lifestyle I already use and live. I definitely feel as I have more to offer to others- Steve Reedy


“I chose Namah Shivaya for my Yoga training because of their expansive curriculum, great testimonials, and because they offered an INTENSIVE course.   I had no idea that the training would change my life!   Tej is more than dedicated to the students and to the practice of yoga, and the program has helped me to grow physically, emotionally, and spiritually.   I couldn’t have asked for more inspirational mentors.   I would highly recommend Namah Shivaya’s  INTENSIVE course to anyone wanting to expand their knowledge of yoga.   The INTENSIVE allows you to be completely immersed in your training and to practice what you learn every single day.   I am grateful to be guided by such teachers. Stephanie Hartung

I have a lot of gratitude for this training course. The combination of theory and practice provided by the most experienced teachers in Mexico and the incredible knowledge and support from Tej resulted in an outstanding life experience. Yoga will never be the same for me. It is more than just a physical practice, is a health and healing lifestyle that I want to keep with me until the very last day of my life. Thank you- Katia Ornelas

“My path lead me directly to the welcoming arms at Namah Shivaya Yoga Training.  I was in the process of transitioning from a secretary in the corporate world who enjoyed yoga classes so much I decided to become the dedicated yogini I am today.  They directed me to the true core essentials of yoga and helped me realize the depth of the subjects.  Changing my perspective so much that I became dedicated to yoga as a way of life.  And the inspirational philosophy lectures given by Tej led me deep into the teachings of yoga.  I found the repetition of the Sanskrit terms and benefits of the postures to be one of the best  tools that I use today.  And the structure of the training allows each student to adjust and collaborate with other students thus building the confidence it takes to bring the practice of yoga to light for others.  For me, that is the ultimate goal, to bring the light of yoga to others and Namah Shivaya Yoga gave me the tools to work towards my life goal.”  ~ Rene’ Hawthorne
I am very grateful for all of the support from this Teacher Training, for the knowledge and the love. I love you and thank you very much- Fernanda Guerra

“When I joined Namah Shivaya Yoga Training, I had never done Yoga ever before in my life :-) but both they were truly supportive and assured me that with practice and dedication, I would get to where I needed to be physically, mentally and spiritually as well as build up the confidence to overcome my fears. This only assured me that I made the right choice of yoga  training and I would immediately recommend the training to anyone who is interested in deepening their knowledge of Yoga. I cannot thank you both enough for all you have done in guiding me  on this journey to look inwards to find myself and share this happy, confident and humble me with the students that I come across each day. Stay Blessed Always…Namaste.”  Julia Mundia


“I am grateful that I was able to participate in such a wonderful program, and to be guided by such an admirable teacher. I cannot tell you enough what these 4 weeks have meant for me. I have found the center that I never knew how to tap into. Asanas helped me when I discovered Yoga a year ago but I never knew the depth of Yoga until I metTej…, a teacher who exudes calm, peace and joy at all times and all circumstances. Every class module has felt like going to a treasure island and unveiling the sacred. I am in awe of what I have learned about the world and myself already and am grateful to know that there is so much out there for me to study and understand as I proceed on my spiritual path. Thank you, thank you, thank you!  Anya Long


Before Starting my training at Namah Shivaya, I was anticipating only being able to enhance my own personal practice. In the back of my mind I secretly desired to be good enough to teach. After my yoga teacher training here I feel so much more confident and able. My personal practice has as expected, transformed into something so much more meaningful and beneficial. Tej along with my exceptional peers, helped me grow in yoga and in life. I feel prepared to take yoga to the classroom and with me in life – Summer Keller

The course to become a Yoga Teacher was for me a path I never walked before and it was just the beginning of a new discovery in my life, a new potential, and a new way of living life.The course was very complete, we learned where yoga comes from as well as the intention of yoga; it was a very integral course including: postures, philosophy, and purpose. Every instructor who takes a part in this course is very professional, dedicated and truthful in what they do opening doors to new information as well as new ways of approaching life. I would like to thank each one of them and especially Tej who is such a great teacher and giving person – Maria Cabeza

I initially chose this program because of the time frame and convenience. And after completing the program, I realized how much I learned about myself physically, mentally and spiritually. The Fast Track course taught me a lot of things that I will use in my everyday life, learning the origins of Yoga. It is amazing how your life can change during the course, you will not know until you experience it. – Heather Olivarez


A very spiritual experience that deepened my understanding of the philosophy, history and personal cosmic connection to yoga. The program helped deepen my understanding of the body- mind connection. This transformation in my personal yoga practice opened up a whole new path and journey into my life – Bari Candy

“A true testimonial to me is one that you take to others with truth in your heart. When I found this training, I knew in my heart that it was just what I was looking for. With the commercialization of everthing,  it is sad to say that Yoga has gotten there as well, but thankfully this training has not. The authentic teachings of the Lord, the divine is what Yoga is about. That is what this training has reinforced for me, to leave the ego and mind chatter (samskaras) using mantras and asanas.  I thank both Sheri and Tej for your authenticity and as my teachers. This experience has been an amazing journey for me and I am proud to say that I have both of you as my constant teachers. With light and love – Liz

I have learned more than I ever could have imagined during this Fast Track. You have a true love for Yoga and it shows. Thank you for sharing your practice with me. Namaste  – Allison Renee


I felt like the training gave my yoga practice a completely new vision after 7 years of practice. I am deeply thankful for this experience and opportunity that life gave me. I feel renewed and ready to start life again. I deeply realized that yoga is my life path and I truly grateful to my teachers and all of my friends in the program. Om Shanti – Rocio Melina

The Namah Shivaya Teacher Training has such a rewarding experience. Tej is very passionate about yoga philosophy and makes learning a pleasurable experience. I was pleasantly surprised to learn the focus was not just on what we all do on the mat but how to practice the yoga principles in every facet of our lives – Delaney Peel

My choice to attend Namah Shivaya has been great. I have gained confidence in my personal practice and in teaching others! The students and teachers at Namah Shivaya are great at providing knowledge and a fun atmosphere. I would recommend this course to anyone who wants to expand their yoga practice – Katie Gardner

Taking the Namah Shivaya 200 hour teacher training course was one of the best things I’ve done for myself. It helped me better understand myself and the world around me and gave me the tools and state of mind needed to deal with the constant and many changes in my life. It provides a wonderfully accepting, supportive and friendly community. You’re not just entering a training program, you’re becoming part of a family- Laura Scott

I appreciate all of the knowledge that you shared, for taking us on this path of light and knowledge with so much love during this certification program. You don’t only learn to be a yoga teacher, you learn to share peace in a chaotic world. Thank you for changing my life – Raul Quintero

Your magic energy brought a special touch to this training. Thank you for sharing your yoga vision and I enjoyed your words, smile and your light. Thank you-  Miraim Lopez

“I did a lot of research looking for a yoga training that was firmly grounded in the tradition of yoga. A training that would be a great and solid foundation no matter where my path lead. After reading the website for Namah Shivaya I felt I had found what I was looking for…and after my first weekend, I knew I had.  They are a well-spring of yoga knowledge! At the start of every weekend I was excited to see what was in store and at the end of every weekend I was amazed and grateful by how much they exceeded my expectations. “  – Sally Klein

The course was well structured with a coherent order and intention. The instructors were excellent each with different areas of expertise and committed to sharing their knowledge. I would highly recommend it to anyone interested in becoming a yoga instructor or deepening their knowledge of yoga – Greta Jacobs

I am truly happy and thankful to the universe, to God and teachers. This training not only taught me pranayama, asanas and meditation, it has changed my life for good. May all blessings be to my teachers and my colleagues – Martha Trevin0



The training was supeb, rich experience at a spiritual and emotional level. I learned new challenges and to open my heart and my mind. I found wonderful friends and teachers who left me with a great knowledge of life. The Teachers not only taught me how to deepen my practice of asanas, but also to accept humbly, how to progress on the path of yoga. I will be always thankful to God for putting me on this path with these Teachers who have contributed greatly to my personal growth – Ilenia Moreno


My experience at Namah Shivaya Yoga Training was more than I expected. I chose this program because of a former student who highly recommended it. I was immediately impressed with the authenticity of the teachers who literally live and breathe the yoga lifestyle! Although I was fairly comfortable teaching yoga as I had been doing it for several years, I really wanted to take my own personal practice to a new place. This program takes you as deep as you want to go and will challenge you regardless of where you are on your yoga journey. I had a couple of challenges while participating in the program, one being a 2 hour commute to attend the training and the other being pregnant during my studies. I received so much support and encouragement and always had a place to stay because the students and teachers were so generous! Each weekend was a unique and wonderful experience and I will continue to reflect upon it as I embrace the next stage in my life as a mother. Thank you so much! – Misti Jaya Galvin

I have felt like a ship which navigates in a huge ocean and the ship is my inner self and the ocean is the state of yoga. Like the hugeness of the ocean and the constant movement of it’s waves, yoga has splashed me with it’s majesty and has guided me and moved my inner self. I can only say thank you for being in between these waves, which will eventually be still – Ana Belinda

This learning demonstrates that there are no limits to achieve the light . Thank you – Ihutil Patino

When I first looked into getting my yoga training I expected to learn some asanas, where the muscles were, etc.  I came to a decision to go with  the Namah Shivaya Yoga Training Program after some one had recommended it.  I was wowed!  I can’t express how awe inspiring one month with Sheri and Tej was.  I was blown away by their knowledge , and even more amazed at their passion to share that knowledge with me.  I am so grateful to both of them as it is their instruction that now sets me apart as a practitioner of yoga.  Their knowledge is just a small part of the Namah Shivaya experience , as it  was their passion and genuine love for yoga that sparked the same emotions in me.  Before the training yoga was something I enjoyed and was good at doing, but when I finished the training I was and still am in love with yoga and devote every day to practicing and sharing yoga – Patience Steltzer

I really appreciate Tej, Amado, Oscar and Andrea for the knowledge and wisdom they passed along to us.  Also, they taught us with love, patience and understanding but above all else it means a lot to be a friend, listen to us and resolve our doubts.  It has been a wonderful learning experience and thanks to all of you – Patricia Boyle

I received my training from Namah Shivaya immediately after surviving a personal tragedy.  It was the best thing that’s ever happened to my mind, body and spirit!  They are the kindest and most knowledgeable instructors; they are “the real thing” as I tell people.  We are so blessed to have this authentic training program here in the US . Since my training, I’ve lost 50 lbs and gained so much more including peace and strength.  Luckily, I get to share what they taught and help many more children and adults with yoga.  Blessings -Colette Numajiri, Dragonfly Studios
I am very thankful to you for this great Teacher Training program in Mexico. I have learned many interesting things and I feel that I am ready to teach and I have actually started to teach in Cuernavaca. I enjoyed the mantras, I feel it is great that you brought the chanting into the course. It is more alive, devotional and complete. With this course I know that this practice is such a great way to live this life. Thank you for all the information, the patience to teach us and to share your knowledge. With love- Andrea Alvarez

“The Namah Shivaya Training  has taught me more than physical yoga, but how to live! They have made sense of the daily conflicts in my mind and taught me how to overcome them. This training has shown me that I am not the doer but merely a vehicle for action. I plan on continuing my path by enrolling in the Namah Shivaya 500 Hour program. My true Self is forever grateful to Tej and Sheri for shining this light on my pathway. – Elizabeth Brickley

“I chose Namah Shivaya Yoga for my training because I value a wealth of information, and that is exactly what I received from Tej and Sheri.  Therefore, I was able to begin my own journey with quite a reference library.  If I am in need of further reading on any yoga topic, I know they are able to cite resources that I can find easily online.  I am honored to have been able to take part in their program and I highly recommend it to others seeking yoga training.  — Sandra Colvin

Thank you Tej for all your knowledge and tranquility that you have given during the program as it is only the beginning of something awesome that I do not want to lose. With all of my love and respect – Rebecca Rodriguez


Once you come into this path of yoga, and you understand it and experience it, it is so complete that you make it a way of life. You also feel the need to share it and I think that is the beginning of a Yoga Teacher. I feel really grateful to know this practice to Mukta yoga in Mexico and Namah Shivaya of Dallas. The Teachers taught me there are no limits to what you can do and that you never stop learning. They taught me to go way and beyond what I thought I knew. I will always be grateful to all my Teachers. Thank you ! – Mercedes Huerta