Vedic Astrology

Vedic Astrology

- by Rose Reveley  (

The origins of Vedic astrology began with the Vedas.  The word Veda means “true knowledge”.  The Vedas are ancient sacred texts that originated in India, by the Rishis (seers) of India.  It is thought that the age is around 7,000 years old.  They are the historical records and laws of Hindu life.  These laws were the basis of how they lived and regulated their social, legal and religious customs.

Vedic Astrology is a limb of the Veda’s also known as the “Eyes of the Veda’s”.  Self-knowledge and understanding, seeing ourselves is the core

of Vedic astrology.  In Western society most of us are familiar with our daily horoscope, the one that tells us our Sun sign.  However, that is only scratching the surface and does not really help us with understanding our inner most Self.

There is a world within ourselves that when we explore,and seek to understand brings awareness.  Vedic astrology is a map, we can

use this map to light our pathway.  It can guide us, help us to understand

our behavior, what makes us respond the way we do to certain situations.

It will show us our strengths and weakness, where our talents and gifts are.  This understanding of our self can help us make right decisions, attain better results.

While Vedic astrology is most known for its ability to forecast

or predict opportunities that may unfold, it is in no way meant to replace free will or to replace an individual’s responsibility to make their own decision.

It is a tool that can be the “guiding light” to self discovery that ultimately leads to greater understanding and awareness.

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