Windows to the Soul

Essay of the month 

From Darkness to Light- Am I being controlled by people, money or past experiences ?


Program Outline : Windows to the Soul is a program that will delight the lightworker. Our journey takes us into the midst of darkness and light, chaos and clarity, stress and peace, likes and dislikes, pain and pleasure , sorrow and happiness. Love and unconditional love.  We find ourselves surrounded by like minded and not so like minded people, and we confront our pain and anguish when challenged with the battles of daily life.

Each one of us has a story to tell. The essence of Windows to the Soul program is that the more light we spread into the world, the more enlightened our human race will be and the greater the chances of improving our relationships, maintaining healthy bodies and minds and finding balance in our daily lives. It is all about finding balance.

Mission, Vision , Goals

Mission : To provide a healing platform to the community at large and a forum to share constructive and positive ideas.
Vision : To develop light workers who bring light to the community and underprivileged sections of society
Goals : To strengthen community and create well being and the spirit of selfless service.

Monthly Essay ReviewMembers will be asked to participate by writing an essay on a topic published by the editorial team. The topic chosen will pertain to our journey of soul consciousness thereby entertaining healing in the mental, intellectual and emotional bodies . The essays provide a platform for members to express their creative talents and which resonate in the minds of the member community.

Benefits of your Essay – How does your essay benefit the community ?

a. Healing through your own introspection and honesty about the topics
b. Healing through practicing vulnerability and authenticity
c. Healing through self-expression
d. Healing through the reading of others’ healing journeys
e. Healing ourselves heals our family, our community and the collective, as we are all inter-connected


1. What if I have ideas in my mind, but I have never written essays of this nature ?
Please remember that this isn’t an academic endeavor, it is a spiritual endeavor and you are doing a great service to yourself and to the community at large by sharing your ideas. Your ideas prove to be extremely valuable as they reflect unique introspection and provide light to others.

2. I would like to express my ideas to the Editorial team, but I would like to keep it private ?
Members have the option of keeping their essays private. At the time of submitting the essay, they can choose the option of private or public. They can also choose to submit their essays anonymously.

3. I would like to become a member and be part of Windows to the Soul community. I may not be able to submit essays – Is that an available option for me ? Can I sign up to be a member and gain from the perspectives of other members ?

Yes, it is ok if you are not able to submit essays due to your time constraints. If you choose to be a silent member and partake of community activities in other ways that will be welcomed as well.

4. If I choose not to write essays, what are the other ways that I can help the community?

You can help by reaching out to others who can choose to participate in our mission, vision and goals.

Editors choice for Best Essay of the Month

The Editorial Team will pick an essay which reflects the essence of the topic for discussion. Please remember that all essays are very valuable, the essay that is chosen by the Editorial team is deemed to be the most popular and is published by consent of the member. The Editor’s choice award for best essay of the month will receive an appreciation prize of  $25 

India Editorial Team : Sunita San, Vandana Sharma
USA Editorial Team : Tej Monga, Melissa Bittner
Japan Editorial Team : Hitomi C, Szuka P
Mexico Editorial Team : Larami Santana, Vilma Sadate

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